Here's America's Only Patented Tool to Clean & Lubricate Metal Snaps


Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham is a keen boating enthusiast who grew up by the water in Long Beach, N.Y. He is a Retired Police Sergeant and served 14 years with the New York Army National Guard where he received an Honorable Discharge.

In addition, Chris owned a private ambulance and medical transportation company on Long Island, New York which he later sold to a national firm.

A longtime boater, Chris started working on this invention over 7 years ago. He and his boating friends were often frustrated by torn canvas due to snaps that stuck together as a natural result of exposure to the elements. He had tried various methods and ideas to clean them, only to find those efforts were time consuming, tedious and often messy. Convinced that other boaters and outdoor hobbyists would respond well to a tool that could clean, lubricate and maintain metal canvas snaps, Chris began his design of a handheld device which, in one easy motion, would accomplish this task. He began working with an artist putting his ideas on paper. After many months of product design and development, he engaged a prototype engineer. Over the next few years, Chris made numerous revisions to the original prototype creating the current design and operation and he recognized his invention would be useful to not only boaters, but RV owners, campers and on any outdoor product with standard snaps. Chris’ vision, product requirements and attention to detail has resulted in the creation of this new product he has named… Snappi.

To date, Chris has been awarded four U.S. Patents.