Here's America's Only Patented Tool to Clean & Lubricate Metal Snaps


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we often get asked.

How Do You Prime Snappi - First Time Use:  

Once you have filled the Snappi with the lubricant, press the Snappi vigorously on One snap until you can see lubricant on the underside.  It will not be lot as that would be too   messy.  The Snappi is then ready for use.

How Often Do you Use Snappi:

That really depends on the environment in which the snaps are exposed.  But you can use as as often as needed to keep the snaps clean.

How Long Will the Lubricant Last:

With normal use, the lubricant should last a couple of boating seasons.

How Much Lubricant is Dispensed:

Only a slight amount of lubricant is dispensed to the top of the snap each time you press down and turn.  The turning cleans the snap while the pressing dispenses the lubricant.